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Siren Strategic - Big Picture Strategy for your Business and your Life

If you are asking yourself one or more of these questions, then we have the expertise to help you:

• I have business and lifestyle goals for the future, but how do I get there?
• Is it the right time to make a major change?
• Should I buy another salon? Should I start a school?
• I feel like a mouse on a treadmill, how do I develop a better lifestyle?
• Should I sell my business?
• What will happen to my salon when I retire?
• Should I go back to having just one salon?
• Should I open a new salon this year? What is the best location?
• Should I take on a business partner? How do I set that up?
• Should I change my product company?
• How can I negotiate a better deal with my product company?

Siren Strategic has been created for two reasons:
1. to help you find the most suitable and efficient path to reach the big goals in life, and
2. to help you negotiate with suppliers or collaborators for the best outcome.

It has been formed by Paul Goethel and Leanne Cutler. Paul is a successful business strategist, financial advisor, small business owner and large company director. He works with small business people on a daily basis so his experience and knowledge can help make things clear and put salon owners on the right path. Leanne is a small business owner and innovator, specialising in niche marketing and PR services, a mediator, and company director. She consults to small businesses on a daily basis and sees many owners tackling cross-road issues.

Siren Strategic's services include:

• Strategic Planning
• Business and Lifestyle Planning
• Business Succession and Exit Strategies
• Financial Analysis of Your Current Situation leading to Wealth Creation, Lifestyle and Retirement Planning
• Feasibility studies - Objective analysis of opportunities
• Negotiations - product companies, suppliers, product/service innovation and development

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