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Safe Hands: How to Help Clients Experiencing Family Violence

Safe Hands Hair Expo Seminar Family Violence

One woman is killed every week through family violence and

police are called every two minutes due to family violence.



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Hair Shots 2 The World Provides Opportunities for Regional Hairdressers

Ten talented hairdressers have won experiences with top Australian hairdressers in the 2015 Hair Shots 2 The World Star Spot Opportunity competition.

Hairdressers from country Australia and New Zealand were invited to enter in the competition of a lifetime, with the chance to work with some of Australia’s best hairdressers.

International Magazine Publication up 50% for Hair Shots 2 The World in 2015

2015 has been a record year for magazine covers at Hair Shots 2 The World.

We can report that as of 15 December 2015, we've had 64 covers published - which is higher than any other year!

Siren Strategic Helps Salons with Planning Big Picture Business Strategy & Negotiations

28 February 2013

Siren Strategic Helps Salons with Planning Big Picture Business Strategy & Negotiations

Siren Strategic is a new service for the Hair industry, offering salons help with their overall, long-term strategies and negotiations.

The venture is spearheaded by Leanne Cutler of Siren Marketing and top business strategist, Paul Goethel.

"Small businesses, including salons, often are very tentative about taking the next step in their business due to uncertainty about when to act and which path to take next," said Siren Marketing's Leanne Cutler.

Siren Marketing extends services in the hairdressing industry

Salons, educators and product companies can now benefit from Siren Marketing's vast experience in the hair fashion field through their extended menu of services.

Siren Marketing's Director, Leanne Cutler said that moving into marketing and PR for the sector is a logical progression from the niche specialisations - awards submissions and international hair PR - that the firm is already well known for.

Siren Marketing Launches Hair Shots 2 The World has been launched, providing salons with a new, cost and time-effective way to distribute hair fashion photography to over 100 magazines in more than 40 countries.

“This new service is already being hailed a God-send by hairdressers,” Founder of Hair Shots 2 The World, Leanne Cutler said. “Hair industry PR firms and marketing departments are also welcome to outsource to us as we can save them time and money too.

Success siren sounds for 2008 Melbourne Writers Festival

As the official marketing firm of the 2008 Melbourne Writers Festival, Siren Marketing helped the festival increase box office sales by 40% to $580,000 and increase audience numbers by 17% to more than 45,000 people.

"Victorians and tourists alike lapped up the 10 days of extraordinary programming that offered 300 authors presenting more than 250 events," Siren Marketing's Leanne Cutler said.

She said that the festival's move to Federation Square, re-branding and a brilliant world-class program made the festival a dream to market.