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Special AHFA Press Kit Deal for Apprentices


MEDIA RELEASE                                                                                  DATE: 10 October 2018

Siren Marketing Launches New, Free Awards Information Service

The Awards Gasbag


A quirkily branded new eDM called The Awards Gasbag is now available to all hairdressers interested in entering awards and competitions.

Siren Marketing’s Managing Director Leanne Cutler said that they were continually approached about where to find awards information, so we’ve created an occasional newsletter that contains all news and links on one spot.

New Global PR service by Hair Shots 2 The World

Velecta Paramount Paris


Siren Marketing's sister brand, Hair Shots 2 The World is proud to be assisting Velecta Paramount Paris in spreading the word about its' world-first smart blow dryer called the iflex.  The global ambassador for this innovation is Angelo Seminara.


A Supporter Writes of Her Family Violence Nightmare. It Must Stop.


Women who have suffered through family violence are wanting to talk, according to Safe Hands seminar organizer, Leanne Cutler.


“No matter where I was promoting the event, on each occasion at least one person approached me with their story,” she said. “Fortunately, most of their experiences were in the past but the effects are life long and they just wanted someone who understood to listen.”


Watch the Safe Hands Seminar Online


Hairdressers Learning to Support Clients Experiencing Family Violence

Seminar has far reaching effect


One woman is killed every week through family violence and