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New International Hairdressers award offered in the British Hairdressing Awards


New International Hairdressers award offered in the British Hairdressing Awards

Unfortunately news reached us only this week, that there is new International Hairdresser Award up for grabs in the British Hairdressing Awards, and it’s tricky.

The closing date is 21st June – BUT current information says the photographs must be printed and posted to Hairdressers Journal International in London, UK.  If this changes, and there is an online option to submit we will let you know.

So you can plan ahead for 2020, here are the requirements which are different from most Australian competitions:


All pictures are to be 10 inches high and 8 inches wide. (25.4 cm high and 30.32 cm wide)


Before-shots of the models and then after-shots must be taken on the day, before any photo-shopping takes place.


The first round of judging requires you to provide FOUR finished images (along with before shots and pre-postproduction “raw” shots), and if you move on to the next round, an additional FOUR finished images (with the extras) is required. In total the finalist’s collection will contain EIGHT images.


Across the eight images of the collection, you are allowed only TWO wigs in two different images, and TWO styles using extensions, hairpieces and/or strands in two different images.

This competition is bringing the focus back to hairdressing over photoshopping.  Their extremely detailed rules and requirements are to make sure that the images they receive do exactly that.

The timeline is probably too tight to enter this year’s competition, but you can start preparing for next year’s by keeping all the requirements in mind when preparing for a photo shoot of a new collection.  Hair Shots 2 The World will be keeping an eagle eye on the 2020 details as soon as they open.


Read more about the British Hairdressing Awards below:


• All qualified hairdressers who work in a commercial environment and have done so for a minimum of three years excluding training may enter this category.

• Entrants must have a regular client column within the region entered. A regular client column is working in a salon for a minimum of one day per week. This may be checked.

• Work submitted may be published work.

• An individual can only enter from one salon in one region in any one year.

• No employee of Hairdressers Journal International or Schwarzkopf Professional or their families will be allowed to enter or judge the British Hairdressing Awards.



• Submit four photographs created by you during the past 12 months (23 June 2018 - 21 June 2019).

• The following needs to be submitted;

1. 4 FINAL IMAGES - Each photograph must be 10” deep x 8” wide (portrait). The size includes any borders. Photographs can be supplied on photographic paper purchased through a photographer or photographic outlet.

2. BEFORE IMAGES - Entries must be supplied with a ‘before’ picture of each model taken on the day of the shoot prior to any hair work, make-up or styling. Each photograph should be no larger than 10” deep x 8” wide. Failure to provide these may result in disqualification.

3. PRE-PRODUCTION - Entries must be supplied with an “after” shot of each model before any post-production/ retouching. Each photograph should be no larger than 10” deep x 8” wide. The organisers and judges reserve the right to question any photographs which appear to be computer enhanced. Failure to provide these may result in disqualification.

• Should you go through to the second round, you will need to supply a further four photographs, with ‘before’ and 'pre production' shots (as above). These will create a collection of eight photographs.



• No more than four pictures in the collection of eight can contain wigs, extensions, hairpieces or stands. You must declare which pictures contain the above by labelling the back of the pictures with the words ‘wig’ or ‘extension/hairpiece/strand’. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

 1. You can use a maximum of two wigs in total, in a maximum of two pictures.

2. A further two pictures can include extensions, hairpieces and/or strands.

• Please bear in mind that should you get through to the second round you will be asked to supply a further four photographs. So ensure that you have only used a maximum of two wigs in a total of two pictures and extensions, hairpieces and/or strands in two additional pictures in the overall collection of eight photographs.

• No more than two faces may appear in any one photograph.

• No more than four pictures can be used in two different categories.

• Photographs may be black and white or colour and the hair should be aspirational, wearable and reflect current trends.

• Professional photographers, make-up artists and stylists may be used.

• Images do not have to be head and shoulders, but they do need to focus on the hair, especially in terms of lighting and pose.



STEP 1 Decide which category or categories you wish to enter

STEP 2 Read the general rules and regulations

STEP 3 Read the specific category rules and regulations

STEP 4 Select your model/s and photographer

STEP 5 Give your photographer - in advance of your photo shoot - the special photographer’s rules and regulations located on the checklist at the back of this booklet (the disclaimer needs to be signed and returned)

STEP 6 Send entries to: Becca Painter, British Hairdressing Awards, Hairdressers Journal International 1.17 The Plaza, 535 Kings Road, London SW10 0SZ



• Write your name, salon name and category onto label/s BEFORE sticking to the back of your photographs. Final images ONLY.

• Never write directly on the back of your photographs.

• Always protect each individual photograph when packaging your entry and do not use paperclips as these can damage the photographs.

• Always use a hard-backed envelope or box to send your entry.

• Do not leave postage or delivery until the last minute.

• Label the back of your photographs where wigs/ hairpieces/strands have been used.

• Ensure your photographer reads and signs the declaration form for you to return with your entry